And the Ultimate Sammie Is…The #EarthSandwich


It is one of those things that you’ve always wanted to do but just didn’t know. Ask Subash Luitel from Delhi, India. One moment he was going about his life normally, chatting with Lee St. John from Minnesota, USA. The next moment, he had help Lee create a mind-blowing thing – an Earth Sandwich.

What is an Earth Sandwich, you’re probably asking.

Well, that’s what Subash said when Lee brought it up.

All it took was one image (okay, a few words, too).

And boom.

Operation Earth Sandwich was a success.

Now, the guys have gone viral, and #EarthSandwich is a thing.

Lee had been dreaming up of the ultimate sammie, and well, what’s bigger than an Earth one?

His idea is simple: find someone on the opposite side of the world and have him/her place a slice of bread on the ground the same time you do.

Voila! One Earth Sandwich fresh off the grill.

Lee isn’t the first – nor last – to make the ultimate sammie. Strangers-turned-buddies Austin Stenson and Harisson Corboy are also enjoying their social media moment of fame.

Ready to be part of the new big thing in the world of sandwiches (and viral trends)? Go for it. We’re looking for our partners. At least this one’s not so stupid as to be harmful.

Make sure you get a photo (or two, so you know you get your best angle), and share on social media.



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