Moo-ve Over Tinder: Tudder Is Here & Is The Best Dating App… For Cows

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Being a cow can get rather lonesome. They usually spend their days getting milked or just wandering around the fields waiting to be butchered– those are just the lucky cows, some are less fortunate. Hence, cows need a good pastime, and when it comes to mammalian pastimes, nothing beats sex companionship! So some guys made a dating app for cows, called Tudder!


Wait, cows don’t exactly know or use smartphones… so how…? Well, Hectare Agritech, the inventor of the dating app is way ahead of you. Tudder, the dating app they made is not exactly to be used by the cows, but rather, the farmers who own them. Hectare Agritech, as expected, owns an agriculture company named Sell My Livestock, that is where Tudder leads to.


Farmers will use Tudder to pick cows they want to purchase on Sell My Livestock. Of course, in a true dating app fashion, they will swipe left for cows they don’t want, and swipe right for cows they want to buy. The idea behind Tudder stemmed from the fact that picking the best cows on the market requires too much work, so a digital selection market for them in the pretense of a “dating app” was made.


“Finding the right match can be daunting for us humans, let alone if you’re a four-legged farm animal. Traditionally, playing moo-pid for cows would require proper grafting: visiting each herd of hopefuls at different farms, or at an auction market, all the while running the risk that the best cow on the market has simply slipped past you,” explained Jamie McInnes, co-founder.


Most of the cows on Tudder will be used as breeding cattle. McInnes says that these breeding cows are then associated and represented by genetic data for matching, quite similar to how people present themselves on dating sites and apps in order to breed find a date.

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