Thicc Cat Loves To Stand On Two Legs Like A Fat Dad; Finally Gets Adopted

Photo by ABC7 Chicago

Overweight or even obese animals are never a good thing, simply because that physique is not natural for them. Ever seen cats in the wild? They are ripped and jacked AF and frequently brag about their gym and roid routines in Instagram… sorry, wrong cats, but you get the idea. However, one overweight cat might prove nature wrong, fat cats can definitely be adorable.

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Cute? Yes. Practical?… Eh, fit cats are judgmental anyway. So a wide cat named Bruno has been making the internet crazy recently. That is because Bruno has a habit of standing up on his hind legs and showing off his dad bod. Moreover, Bruno appears to also have the temperament of a person with a dad bod, which are usually dads; it appears he is not good with children and can be quite temperamental with them because of his weight. Take a look at Bruno and his thicc pose, and don’t judge him please:

Photo by Wright-Way Rescue

Bruno had problems fitting in with the kids in his family. Hence was surrendered to a shelter called Wright-Way Rescue to be put up for adoption. By the way, Bruno often does his signature dad pose whenever he is asking for food, and with how cute and effective that is, it’s no wonder how he got fa– nevermind.

So you’re tellin’ me Mom and Dad have to leave me for work EVERY Monday morning? ??

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It was not long before Bruno found a forever home in the arms of Lauren Paris who admitted she had something in common with Bruno.

However, Bruno might be losing that signature thiccness of his soon, since Lauren is intent on making him undergo a diet so that he can be healthier, good for him!

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