NASA Intern Unwittingly Insults Senior Space Adviser In Twitter; Loses Internship

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You know what they say about karma right? About it being akin to a female dog? Well, it can certainly be such sometimes, especially if it strikes the deserving person like lightning. That is exactly what happened with a girl who had the unfortunate luck of becoming an intern for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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A girl name Naomi with the Twitter handle @NaomiH_official, was so ecstatic and braggy after being selected by NASA to become an intern. So much so, that Naomi tweeted, “EVERYONE SHUT THE F*CK UP I GOT ACCEPTED FOR A NASA INTERNSHIP.” In case you might go to her Twitter account to look for it, well, you’re out of luck, it has been deleted soon after.

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As for why, well, a certain 75-year-old Senior Space Adviser for NASA named Homer Hickam replied to Naomi’s tweet. Hickam commented a brief and self-explanatory, “Language.” Unfortunately, Naomi did not know who he was and was too absorbed with her prideful achievement. So she responded with, “Suck my d**k and b***s I’m working at NASA.”

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Hickam, being a Vietnam War veteran and an esteemed National Space Council member for NASA, simply could not let this slide. He replied with “And I am on the National Space Council that oversees NASA.” After that, Naomi’s internship went down in the history of NASA as the shortest ever, since it was practically over before it even began.

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Still, it was apparently not Hickam who is to blame for Naomi’s mishap. Hickam even admitted that he deleted his tweets so as to not cause trouble for Naomi. Hickam then blamed Naomi’s friends for spreading screenshots of their exchange all over the internet long after he deleted his replies. Despite this, Hickam apologized to Naomi, and she also did likewise. Hickam also claimed that as an acceptance of her apology, he will help her find a new position in the aerospace field.

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