Squirrel Enjoys Slice Of Pizza Poolside Amongst Guests [Video]


A guest at a hotel in California captured footage of a non-paying patron — a squirrel — scarfing down a slice of pizza by the poolside.

A squirrel elected to take his found meal to a chair poolside and devour it in the midst of guests; Photo: Giphy

The video (below) reveals the squirrel seated on a chair by the pool at a Manhattan Beach hotel and nibbling away at a slice of pizza.

The filmer stated the squirrel found its meal in the trash.

“Hotel in Manhattan Beach at the pool. A squirrel dug a piece of pizza out of garbage and climbed onto a chair and ate it!” the filmer wrote.

Squirrels are omnivores, which means they mostly like to eat plants (and meat).

Squirrels primarily eat seeds, fungi, nuts and fruits, however they will too munch on eggs, caterpillars, small insects, small animals and even baby snakes. Many squirrels also love to eat apples, watermelon, peas, grapes, yellow squash and broccoli.

Foods that are not good for squirrels are peanuts (peanuts aren’t a type of nut, they’re legumes), corn, chocolate, and most junk foods.

Squirrel trap; Photo: Giphy

As far as pets go, it is illegal to own a pet squirrel throughout most of the U.S.

Squirrels generally do not purely depend on humans for their dietary and socialization needs like cats and dogs do, thereby they may not be suitable pets.

Squirrels do not adapt well to new environmental elements and new people. Squirrels can too be very destructive to your domicile.

In addition, they have sharp teeth that continually grow. In order to file their teeth down, they chew on tree bark and other items discovered in their natural environment. At your abode, they will chaw on anything and everything, including pricey furniture, baseboards, and injurious electrical wiring.


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