Concert In Space; The Final Frontier? Watch As Astronaut From The ISS Makes Music In Space

Photo by YouTube/European Space Agency, ESA

After the first man was sent out to space and after the first footprints on the moon, humanity has been excited about breaking grounds of all sorts. Or in this case, breaking space. Every year, both the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) from the U.S. and the European Space Agency (ESA) from Europe are subject to big expectations. Among these expectations is what the next achievement would be for mankind, whether it’s a tiptoe or one giant leap, astronauts never disappoint.

Which brings us to one of their new achievements, a concert in space, courtesy of the International Space Station (ISS) and the ESA. We’re guessing it counts as… space opera, right? Anyway, For all you music purists out there, the music was only electronic (aww boo hoo). Nevertheless, they nailed it and with an audience of 7500 in Germany’s Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz. Take a look:

Ladies and gentlemen, Alexander Gerst of the ESA. Currently, stationed in the ISS and currently the first and only performing musician in space, beat that Neil Armstrong. Oh, and a lot of the credit also goes to the legendary electronic band Kraftwerk whose founding member Ralf Hütter, made the electronic music duet possible. For that to happen though, Alexander had to have a tablet configured with virtual synthesizers on board. For those wondering, yes, that was a live performance via a call, meaning performance mistakes could have been made.

Photo by YouTube/European Space Agency, ESA

I guess that means the birth of a new genre: space music played in space. As for Alexander, his stay at the ISS is due to end in December of this year, if you are interested in more of his space exploits before he comes back down, check out his ESA webpage right here.

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