Pilot Hops Off Plane And Performs Kiki Challenge [Video]


In between long-haul irksome flights, pilots take breaks to unzip and regroup — with one particular airwoman opting to perform the Kiki Challenge on her leisure.

Pilot busts out the “Kiki Challenge” alongside her plane; Photo: Giphy

Pilot Alejandra Manriquez can be viewed in footage pushing a lever before springing out of her cock pit and down the aircraft’s staircase, joining a woman (speculated to be her flight attendant) on the ground and jamming alongside the plane as it pushes forward.

The video went viral soon after, having tallied up over 60,000 views on Twitter.

Manriquez first began in the industry as a flight attendant, prior to moving on to flight school at 22.

She now hovers private jets over the Atlantic Ocean — having flown to over 40 countries in her short career.

An alleged flight attendant did the Kiki Challenge on the ground with Pilot Manriquez; Photo: Giphy

“Aviation is a beautiful, but very demanding career that you must love in order to be able to successfully pursue it with enough passion, overcoming all the obstacles that are going to be in your way,” said Manriquez on aviation website 152 Aviation.

“Because that is a fact, there is no easy way to something worth achieving! But now I thank life for every rock along my way because they prepared me to be the strongest version of myself.

“I needed these to become a better person and a professional pilot.”

The Kiki Challenge (seen above) — too known as the #InMyFeelings challenge — broadly involves people jumping out of their vehicles and dancing to the Drake hit song that inspired it.

It has been the latest dance trend to go viral and sweep the internet, with persons across the globe giving it a go and finding peculiar and terrific ways to put their spin on it.


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