Can Your Dog Win the “Snoot Challenge?”

Can You Win the "Snoot Challenge?"

In what is the greatest thing to take over the internet since #WhattheFluff, dog lovers around the web have been sharing snaps of their furry friends as part of the #SnootChallenge.

This latest pet challenge involves owners making a circle or a heart with their hands, then waiting for their doggos to put their adorably boop-able snoots through the gap.

The game is for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

From subwoofers…

To big ol’ puppers…

Seriously, is there a better way to spend your day than waiting for a lovable snoot to come for a boop?

Still, this is more complex than most pet challenges to go viral – you’ll actually have to train your dog to complete it. Perhaps reward them with a treat when they put their nose in the right place?

Unfortunately, not all dogs can handle the snoot challenge

But it’s still pretty damn cute.

Some dog owners are getting creative

And even cattos are giving it a go!

We’ll just leave this epic #SnootChallenge compilation here for you to enjoy

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