The Internet Schools Ariana Grande On How To Do Foreign Language Tattoo

Photo by Twitter/@cecilia_arriman

Tattoos are fun. Half of why that is is because they are permanent, and the other half is because they are involved in a lot of drunk and stupid decisions. Apparently, even celebrities are not exempt from the usual hilarious tattoo fails; case in point, Ariana Grande, who got a foreign language tattoo in Japanese kanji that translates to “Japanese BBQ grill.”

Photo by TMZ

Oh but she even tried to fix it by adding another Japanese character. Now, it says “Japanese BBQ grill finger ♡,”

The internet and media sites could not get enough of it; case in point, this article. However, Twitter was a lot more helpful for the pop star and they showed her how that a foreign language tattoo is handled “correctly.” Starting with this:

It doesn’t hold a candle to the permanence of Ariana Grande’s tats, but at least she can read it. Then, here come the more faithful examples:

Now that cheap copycats are out of the way, here are the ones that did it better than Ariana Grande did. The best part is that these are not permanent:

The pop star’s foreign language tattoo was inspired by Japanese characters, so the Japanese went in and schooled her at the importance of leaving out certain characrters:

That actually means penis since he left out one syllable, and now it only reads “chinko.”

And then the female genitalia counterpart to that one above…

As if grilling Ariana Grande for her grill tattoo was not enough, that one above literally got grilled. The singer has yet to comment on her foreign language tattoo followers.

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