Guy Finds Out His Girlfriend Of One Year Was His Half-Sister After DNA Test

Photo by The New Yorker

A disaster worthy of a Greek tragedy is not what usually happens when one enters a modern relationship. However, for one guy and his girlfriend of a year, the worst thing imaginable happened to their relationship– he found out that she was his half-sister and they are very much related by blood after a DNA test.


The story was posted in the TIFU subreddit 24 days ago and has since blown up. It was from user u/AccidentalxIncest, a name fitting of his predicament as he had been in an incestuous relationship with his half-sister. His girlfriend, whom he called “Sarah” had been with him for over a year and it was even going well for both of them.


Sarah even stayed with him last Christmas since they were serious about their relationship. However, they had something in common– both of them were conceived by in-vitro fertilization via sperm donors, and their known fathers were both infertile. Hence, they decided to try out some DNA kits from biotechnology and DNA company 23andMe.


To their horror, the guy’s results claimed that he was 27 percent genetically related with Sarah. Meanwhile, Sarah’s result also claimed the same percentage. She was his half-sister, and he was his half-brother. It is also worth noting that both of them lived and grew up in the same town, meaning the chance that their mothers got the same sperm donor was high:

Photo by Imgur/uAccidentalxIncest

The worst part was they had already been having sex for over a year, a long-term relationship by any standard. Needless to say, both of them were heartbroken and mortified. They had to break up and seek help from their respective families in order to heal. Thankfully, Reddit was supportive and helpful about their tragic case, at the very least.

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