Man Wanted To Look Like A Skull; Cuts Off Nose And Ears, And Tattoos Eyeballs To Achieve It

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Us millennials have always wanted to be more unique than the everyone else. A lot would even go through such toxic lengths to ensure that they are as special as they can be. Of course, this is only one of the few ways of making your existence more tolerable in the cold dark road to death called life. Anyway, one Colombian guy took that to the extreme, he wanted to look like a skull, so he skull-pted himself to look like one.

You may be asking, why did he not just wait for his death, he was going to look like a skull anyway. Well, in a true millennial fashion, he got impatient. So the guy, named Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez, also a tattoo artist, is now called Kalaca Skull after he cut off half his nose and his ears, and tattooed his eyes black. We’re still not sure yet whether he is a superhero or a supervillain, but hey, now he is unique.

22-year-old Ramírez’ obsession with skulls began back when he was just a child. He was actually planning to look like a skull long ago but his mother would not allow it. It was only until after his mother died that he was able to do what he wanted with his body, beat that, other millennials.

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But wait– there’s more, after gaining much attention from the media and people in the internet, Kalaca Skull wants to complete his transformation even more! So he is also adding more skeletal tattoos on his face and body to complete the look. He also split his tongue in half and dyed it dark.

Kalaca Skull admitted that he did it because it was what we all look like underneath anyway. He also urged people not to judge him because of his body modifications. He seems happy though and thinks what he did is a “dream come true,” despite looking like a nightmare.

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