Some Retired Fella Is Trying to Tell Us How to Do Politics


On January 20, 2017, America believed that it’s long, dark night had come to an end when Donald Trump took the oath of office of the President of the United States. As Trump himself would later report, Washington, D.C. was flooded with literally billions of well-wishers — more people than the population of North America — eager to bask in the dawn of a new age of American democracy.

Unfortunately, the second golden age of American politics, which we’ll call Dumb Camelot, has been severely impeded. Not because of stumbling incompetency from the current administration. No, that’s a fabrication of the corrupt news media, an irrational body of fibbers and lie-ists who serve only the needs of the Clinton-Obama deep state. If you were one of those Americans naive enough to believe that a single shining ray of light beaming down upon the murky swamp would help dry it out, you didn’t count on the destructive influence of the Clinton-Obama deep state.


The Clinton-Obama What Now?

Get your head out of the sand, slumbering patriot.

While you’re busy believing the supposed fact-based hogwash espoused by the Failing New York Times, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are gestating schemes from the safety of their secret government-within-a-government. While you’re comfortable in the knowledge that our spray-tanned beacon of all that is just is making deals from his secure golf course at Mar-a-Lago, the Clinton-Obama deep state is still hard at work trying to curtail your freedoms and lay claim to the very essence of your soul.

And, sure, you might be one of those naysayers who’s all, “Neither Clinton nor Obama actually holds public or appointed office.” To that, I would counter … what’s it like to drink the Democratic Kool-aid? Is ignorance as refreshing as they say it is?


Unfortunately, I’m burdened with a sense of social justice, a burning desire to look past the reports of the propaganda of the left to see the real danger espoused by this cabal of bleeding hearts and their self-appointed leader, Barack HUSSEIN Obama. After several months plotting his next freedom-killing maneuver (proof below). Just look at him meeting with a BILLIONAIRE! Even more damning, as though broadcasting is ill-intentions, Barack Obama … brace yourself … is wearing his hat on backward.

That was just the beginning of Barry Obams assault on America. After several months of strategerating, Obama has emerged in time for a pivotal midterm election.

His message will shake you to its core. It’s a platform that flies in the face of Donald Trump-style politics, and it’s a threat that must be stopped in its tracks.

‘What Happened to the Republican Party?’

Now that he’s not hamstrung by a political office, ole Hussein is free to tell it like it is. In a speech to the University of Illinois on September 7, Obama had the stone cold balls to ask, “What happened to the Republican Party?” Gone were the unctuous, controlled statements of his Muslim presidency. This is a Barack Obama who is looking for a fight.

“It shouldn’t be Democratic or Republican to say that we don’t target groups of people because of what they look like or how they pray,” the muckraker opined. “We are supposed to stand up to discrimination and we are sure as heck to stand up clearly and unequivocally to Nazi sympathizers.”

Reports indicate that the former President went on to say of the Republican Party, “And some, I assume, are good people.”

Not sure what Obama is referencing with his “don’t support Nazi sympathizers” comment, but his speech continued by suggesting there was a time in American politics in which — regardless of political party — we could all agree on a set of moral certitudes. In other words, Republicans and Democrats might have always disagreed on the path to take, but the destination was something on which everyone could agree. Somewhere along the way, the undercover Muslim hypothesized in his speech, America’s collective destination diverged.

And who said that’s a bad thing? Who really wants to go back to a world where the truth is the truth and liberals and conservatives alike were to be viewed as people. Like we’re on the same evolutionary level!

It’s gross.

‘If We Don’t Step Up, Things Can Get Worse’

The day after his speech at the University of Illinois, o-BAH-muh took his hate speech to California to stump for some Democratic upstarts in pivotal California counties. Speaking to a crowd of eco-loving liberati, the former President implored voters to “restore some sanity in our politics” in November.


“We’re going to put on our marching shoes, we’re going to start knocking on some doors, we’re going to start making some calls,” the political agitator said, an obvious call to arms meant to incite his legion of followers to descend upon honest, hard-working Americans, using the twin demons of diversity and understanding to sway their hearts and minds.

Clearly, this kind of revolting social discourse is a real threat to American society, especially when there’s an election at stake.

Here’s Hoping This Whole Call for ‘Sanity’ Backfires

Fear not, my compatriots. For every lib-tard who buys into Obama’s plea for decency in the arena of American politics, there’s a real American who refuses to listen to anything Obama has to say purely because he’s … a Democrat …


In other words, as terrific as it might be for some in America to see the former President return to politics and charge Americans with taking control of their destiny, there are just as many in America who will rise up just to see Barack Obama fail.

As Republican strategist Alex Conant explained, Obama’s return to the spotlight was, “a gift to Republicans. He gets the attention off Trump, and reminds Republicans why it’s important to vote in the midterms.” Conant knows what he’s talking about, too, he masterminded Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign.

Let’s pray that’s true. Otherwise, the country could have a real sanity problem on its hands come November.

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