Guy Welcomes Raging Hurricane Florence Half-Naked With American Flag And Slayer Music

Photo by YouTube/Lane Pittman

Last week has been one of the most devastating periods in modern history. Who could forget that there had been major typhoons/hurricanes in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in the past few days? For America, it was Hurricane Florence. While it is not quite judgment day or rapture just yet (*wink wink* Christians), a lot of casualties still happened. However, one guy seems to welcome the storm with a lot more resolve but less regard for personal safety than most Americans.

Lane Pittman had something else in mind when Hurricane Florence was ravaging the U.S. Instead of panicking and looking for cover amidst the flying debris and needle-like rain brought about by the rapid winds of Florence, Pittman held his American flag up high. More than that, Pittman also headbanged and whipped his long hair all around, presumably to the tune of “Raining Blood” from Heavy Metal band Slayer. Here’s the video of the thing:

Pittman can even be seen being pushed back by the strong wind, but he did not falter and kept on being a heavy metal American. Oh, and he was also wearing just boxer shorts while doing it, makes him more aerodynamic too. It does look a lot less cool without the Slayer music, however. For comparison’s sake, here is what Pittman looked like without the music:

It can also be recalled that this was not the first time Pittman has done this. Nearly two years ago, Pittman also welcomed Hurrican Matthew with the same metallic patriotism in the background.

Rest assured, Pittman will also be present in the End Times, hopefully with longer videos.

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