Irish Grandfather Fights Off Three Armed Robbers In Store While Shouting ‘Ye’re Feckers!’

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Unfortunately, this is not a story about Conan O’Brien, we’ve had enough of those already. But yeah, he is what appears to be an Irish pensioner. Anyway, one grandfather or senior citizen, what have you, has become quite a hero after fighting off three armed robbers who assaulted a store in the U.K. He won, by the way.

Denis O’Connor puts the “great” in great-grandfather… well, actually he’s not that old, he’s only 84-years-old. Still young enough to beat up some fecking gobshite punk whippersnappers who step on his metaphorical lawn. That’s exactly what he did to three armed robbers who tried to rob Bar One Racing in Glanmire, County Cork, Ireland back on Saturday.

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The robbers also looked quite formidable, wearing balaclava hoodies and two of them wielded claw hammers while one was holding what looked to be a shotgun. Still, that did not deter Denis as he wrestled one of them while the other was threatening the manager to hand over the money. Denis and the manager, uh, managed to scare off the robbers. The whole thing was also caught on video:

Denis is now considered a local hero in Ireland. The manager of the store even recalled some of the heroic words that Denis said while fighting off the thugs, shouting “Ye’re cowards!” and “Ye’re feckers!” interchangeably. Of course, this, in combination with his bravery scared off the robbers. Unfortunately, the robbers got away in their black getaway car and are now being hunted by the police.

Nevertheless, the store manager, named Tim Murphy was thankful that Denis was there with him. More so since Denis was looking after him instead of the bookies or the money in the counter.

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