1950s Show Goes Viral For Episode With Villain Named Trump That Predicted Trump’s Wall

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There are a lot of television shows which have predicted what’s going to happen in the future (we’re looking at you The Simpsons). These are mostly political in nature and they can predict a few decades at most. However, one TV show from the 1950s was actually able to predict one of the most notorious events today, and that is Trump’s wall.


The show is called Trackdown and it featured an episode titled “The End of the World” which aired on May 9, 1958. In the said episode is a villain named Walter Trump. Trump (the one from the show), being a con-man convinced the whole town that he could save them from impending doom by building a wall. Some of the townspeople even robbed banks to fund Trump’s wall… that sounds awfully familiar.


That’s not all, Trump was even described by the show’s narrator as the “high priest of fraud.” He even threatened to sue the main character of the show during the episode for doubting him… okay, the parallelism is getting weird here.


Last but not the least, it turns out that Trump’s wall which the people paid for turned out to be just “parasols with drawn-on mystical symbols” to protect people from a fake apocalypse. In the end, Trump was shot by the town sheriff as a cover-up since the sheriff was in cahoots with the scammy wall plan.


Trackdown’s “The End of the World” episode has since gone viral for apparently predicting what will happen in America after more than 60 years. Here’s the full episode if you want to watch it:

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