Flat Earth Cruise Is Real And Is Set To Happen In 2020, Say Goodbye To Them

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Okay, if you ever needed proof that flat-Earthers exist around the world (yes, around) en masse, then you have it here now. There is no shortage of them, in fact, they seem to be increasing in numbers for some reason. Now, they are actually organizing their very own around the worl— sorry, edge-to-edge Flat Earth Cruise.


Unfortunately, they are not going to fall off the Earth and disappear because it is not flat (boo). Nevertheless, the Flat Earth Cruise is happening and already has a set date next year, 2020. The said event is currently being organized by the Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC, or pronounced, ‘fake,’) whose members believe that the Earth is nothing more than a flat disc.


There is one problem for their planned voyage, however, and that is the fact that the Earth’s maritime vessels all rely on a navigational system based on the principle that the Earth is spherical or round. Even the global positioning system (GPS) provided by satellites all reveal a spherical Earth and that is what all ships rely on for navigation.


It is not clear yet whether the Flat Earth Cruise ship’s captain or crew will also be flat-Earthers (or if those even exist). If they are not one of them, though, one could wonder what they would do.


“I have sailed 2 million miles, give or take. I have not encountered one sea captain who believes the Earth is flat,” said Henk Keijer, a former cruise ship captain who sailed for 23 years. Hopefully, these flat-Earthers also know how to commandeer their own ship based on their own map of a flat Earth.

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