Beyond the Pyramids: Five Hidden Travel Destinations in Egypt

With its rich culture and impressive history, Egypt is a paradise for wanderers. The country is famous for its pyramids, temples, and museums. Although Egypt is known for its ancient history, Egypt tours should not only be limited to visiting the pyramids and temples. The country has more to offer its visitors. Here are 5 of the hidden places in Egypt, other than the pyramids, that are worth visiting. 

Sahl Hasheesh Bay

A beautiful bay located at the Red Sea, the Sahl Hasheesh is a prime destination for beach lovers. The beach getaway boasts of an impressive marine community unique only to the coasts of Egypt. Visitors of Sahl Hasheesh can easily take a shuttle from hotels around the vicinity going to the marina. Popular activities include island hopping and snorkeling.

There are a handful of hotels in the area at the center of which is a beautifully designed Piazza. There are shops and cafes at the center of this plaza. There is also a long pier where beachgoers can enjoy the view of the beach and the architecture of the hotels. What many people love about Sahl Hasheesh is that it is a very quiet beach getaway. It gives a very peaceful vibe and aura perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Ras Shitan Camps in Sinai

A place six hours from the city center of Cairo, Ras Shitan (the Devil’s Head) is a beach paradise hidden behind mountains and cliffs. It is actually described as the “edge of a sparsely populated desert”, making it an even more interesting place to visit. What makes this place special is that accommodations will vary only between tents and huts (or camps) – no hotels and apartments. However, people love going to this place because it is a great way to be closer to nature.

It is such a hidden gem that not many locals know where it is. There are no official bus stops and its exact location is unknown, people just know that it is a short stretch along the Gulf of Aqaba. When asked about where it is located, people just say its the land “between Taba and Nuweiba”.

Islands in Aswan and the River Nile

Many tourists say that the Nile River at Aswan is the most beautiful in all of Egypt. Nature around the River Nile in Aswan seems to be unchanged for thousands of years that it feels like traveling back through time. This river is the life of ancient Egypt and to see it as it was thousands of years ago is truly an enriching experience. This is why the RIver Nile Cruise is dubbed as a ‘royal treatment’, because only the kings and queens of Egypt traveled the Nile with style.

Many people have been afraid to travel to Egypt after their revolution back in 2012. However, the conflicts become easy to forget through the beauty of the Nile. The relaxing vibes of Aswan is a clear indication that despite the country’s conflicts, it is still a safe place for travel.  

Colored Canyons of Taba

Also known as the Coloured Canyon in Egypt, it is a natural rock formation about 800 meters in length and 40 meters in depth. It is eerily narrow but the majesty of the layers of rock on the wall is awe-inspiring. It’s known as the Coloured Canyon because of the impressive layering and banding of the rocks, believed to have been formed by the ocean millions of years ago. The colors range from browns, yellows, and reds, to dark hues like blue and black. A hiking spot seemingly made out of a sculpted painting!

The White Desert

Known as the Al Farafrah in Egypt, it is the only desert in the world that looks as if it is made out of snow. It is a geological depression with high amounts of chalk-deposits which looks like snow from afar. Sandstorms have sculpted giant chalk-formations in the middle of the White Desert and have been doing so for the last thousand years. What is most impressive about this hidden gem is the fact that the faces of the sculptures seem to change with the movement of light from the sun, where it reflects colors and shadows animatedly.

Siwa Oasis

Located in the Siwa Oasis, Cleopatra’s Bath is a natural spring found in the middle of a desert. The water is perfectly clear that it is befitting of a queen, thus its name. This natural spring is often used as a place for relaxing, swimming, and bathing. There are even legends that say that it was a place Cleopatra herself had famously bathed on. The Siwa Oasis is located in the Western Desert and is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. It is quite isolated and is home to only about thirty thousand people, whose culture is unique from the rest of the country. Going to the Siwa Oasis is like traveling to a world of its own, making it an even more magical experience

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