#RemoveALetterSpoilABook Makes Hilarious Book Titles of Classics

Twitter is at it again with a hashtag that’s just perfect for book lovers. #RemoveALetterSpoilABook is a guaranteed good time for the witty. Users are getting on this like ink on a page, and how!

Matzos, a teeny-tiny yarmulke, and the cutest nose ever! Oy vey!

Some people might’ve found the book cheesy, but that”s exactly the point of it all!

Aaaaand that’s it. Man found. Everyone go home.

Let’s see, there’s tawny, taupe, khaki, fawn, terra-cotta… did I miss something?

A magical academy filled with action, drama, and cute woodland creatures?! Sold!

Move aside, Steve Aoki. Albus be tearing up the dance floor with this one.

A moving tale of fortitude, industry, camaraderie, and picnic baskets in the summer. Onward to the next breadcrumb trail!

“Have the lambs stopped screaming, Clarisse?”
“Ssssh, I just can’t right now with these puppies.”

He’s going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

… What’s that smell? Well, of course, he’s been dead for millenia.

Start them young.

John Steinbeck slays with the illest rhymes.

Scandalous! (which places, though?)


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