Tumblr Artist Creates Splendor in Album-Painting Mashup


Art history buffs and music lovers, pay attention: this is one mashup you won’t want to miss.

Eisen Bernard Bernardo, a graphic artist and development communicator based in Los Baños, The Philippines,  stared his Mag+Art Tumblog a year ago. He first started out combining art pieces with magazine covers and company logos, and has since gained followers and attention.

One of his followers soon suggested: why not try combining album cover art and classical paintings? Challenging as the idea was, Bernardo was certainly up for it.

The results? Nothing short of amazing.

Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and “Young Woman Reading” By Alfred Stevens push that coy, naughty feel amid all that froth.
It’s Meghan Trainor’s “Title” and Raimundo De Madrazo Y Garreta’s “The Letter”. Did she just receive some sweet nothings from her daer future husband?
AlbumPaintingMashupi-combine-album-covers-with-classical-paintings__880 (1)
In this mashup of Michael Jackson’s “Xscape” and Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Zouave”, the enigmatic King of Pop chills by the doorway of what’s possibly a Moroccan tea house.

“I took the chance to make a series of digital collages featuring the studio album covers of some popular singers today,” Bernardo  shares with BoredPanda. “I used these album covers because they are simpler and straightforward. I think (the principles of) photography is the same as classical painting. Portraiture using cameras adopted the same set of rules and techniques in painting.”

It’s the simple farm life for “Chief” By Eric Church and “American Gothic” By Grant Wood.
Britney Spears in her album “Circus” hangs out with the ladies in “La Soiree” by Vittorio Reggianini.
Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die” gives a grim out look to the proposal of “The Lord Of Burleigh” by Edmund Blair Leighton.
Pick your poison: Avril Lavigne’s self-titled album fits exceedingly well with “Lucrecia De’ Medici” by Bronzino.
Drake in his album cover for “Take Care” isn’t quite feeling this girl’s attentions from “An Irritable Appeal” by John Bagnold Burgess.
Queen Bey is looking resplendent in green, both on her album “B’day”, and “Girl In Green” by Lord Frederick Leighton.

Taylor Swift has three different mashups, chronicling her transition from country sweetheart to self-aware woman.

Taylor and her pall are all glammed up, thanks to her cover on “Fearless”, and “Good Companions” by Vittorio Reggianini.
T-swift’s iconic change for her album “1989” and Egon Scheile’s “Portrait Of Edith (the Artist’s Wife)” — color palettes and positioning make this a match made in heaven.
Oh baby, now we got bad blood: Tay-tay’s single cover for the song is a deliciously sinister fit to “Louisa, Marchioness Of Waterford” by Sir Francis Grant.
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