#MyFiveWordRomanceNovel On Twitter Will Make You #ROFL

#MyFiveWordRomanceNovel might be the best Twitter hashtag we've seen in a while.

#myfivewordromancenovel [Flickr/Wyatt Fisher]
#myfivewordromancenovel [Flickr/Wyatt Fisher]

We don’t know exactly how #MyFiveWordRomanceNovel started trending on Twitter or what genius is behind this great idea but this hashtag is pretty much built for the site. Since Twitter has seen their number of active users plateau, the site now seems more akin to a weird social experiment than anything else, imagine anthropologists in a few hundred years looking back and saying “primitive humans actually expressed a desire to limit their conversations to 140 characters.” While the average person probably isn’t on Twitter, the average comedian, PR guy, and Fortune 500 company is spending a lot of time on the site, and that’s where the #MyFiveWordRomanceNovel hashtag turned magical.

Stockholm Syndrome is a situation where somebody who is imprisoned becomes attracted to their captor.

In the corporate world there were a lot of companies that were looking to cash in on the hashtag. This kind of hashtag seems to be built for companies that sell books or break-up food (think pizza, wine, and ice cream).

Who knew that Jake From State Farm had a Twitter account?!

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