Twitter LOLs? Yes, Please!


Hey there, Thursday! You’re looking mighty fine, and you’re mine. Let’s keep going and never stop until the weekend hits. And hey, if things get rough, don’t worry. We’ll always have Friday.

Now, moving on from our confusing sweet nothings, here’s some fun laughs from Twitter to get your Thursday going!

Because Googling can be pretty profound business. Trust me on this.

I TOLD YOU TO CLOSE YOUR EYES. You’re disloyal. Twitter shuns you forever. 

Specially when that f*ckboi doesn’t know when to stop with the private messages.

This is either admiration of overblown proportions — or a very elaborate method to guilt your guy. Take your pick.

No! Wait! Stop! I can’t even make money off of this skill! Help!


*keeps walking*

Because adulting.

Aah, yes, the sound of cheerful MIDI music that counts down the seconds to your inevitable demise.

“Wow, look how gorgeous and blue Earth is from here. did I shut the gas? Lock the front door? unplug the TV? … Who cares?!”


Feature image courtesy of Gratisography
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Kokou Adzo

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