Dad Tweets Family’s Hilarious Conversations Daily

Oh, Dad, you never fail to see the funniest sides of the family. It’s amazing how you always manage to see it in everyday situations and share it with the rest of the world, just like this one dad has done every single day of the year. With n online handle like Exploding Unicorn, how can that not be awesome?

Dad has indeed mastered the fine art of subtlety, …

… diplomacy, …

… and accepting the inevitable.

He knows what’s what in his own household.

and knows a good thing when he sees it.

Tesla might have something like this in the works.

Where did she get that sass from?

Among other things.

He and his wife may have raised his kids to be a little too smart.

with very interesting role model choices.

and even more disconcerting pursuits.

At least his kids have a keen sense of style.

Oh Dad, you who have reached the summit of Dad-ness, teach us your ways.


Feature image courtesy of Clarion Hotel Post
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