This Twitter Joke Is Seven Years In The Making


Remember your first tweet? Me neither. But if you’re anything like me and tend to forget actually having a Twitter account, it can get pretty easy to slip up on updating it. How long? Maybe a week, or a month. (Not gonna lie, mine went dusty for about a year and a half. Life happens.)

How about seven years?

@MarcusLepage adorably sent off his first tweet into the cyberspehere — an announcement of him tucking into bed and catching forty winks.

Days pass. months pass. Heck, years — whole years! — pass. And lo and behold, the Twitterverse is finally graced with his very second tweet in all its timeliness —


The internetz applauded that level of commitment to such a joke.

Other Twitter users honored him for the internet Rip Van Winkle he is, and helped him catch up with what’s up with the world today.

One person encouraged Marcus to preserve his Twitter account for posterity, never to be tweeted upon again.

But Marcus, oh Marcus. You just can’t keep a good homie down. Or up, in this case.

All that Twitter fame can certainly take a lot out on someone. So, does this mean that we’ll most likely see him again in the 2020’s?


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