You May Now Officially Regret Naming Your Child ‘Khaleesi’ Or ‘Daenerys’

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Naming a baby after a character in an unfinished television show might not exactly be the best for the child. It just so happens that two of the most popular girl baby names now are either “Khaleesi” or “Daenerys,” based on a strong female character in Game of Thrones who just recently <SPOILERS> massacred millions of innocent peasants because of a tantrum.

The latest episode (Season 8, episode 5) of HBO’s Game of Thrones took a much darker path for Daenerys Targaryen’s character development… or the lack thereof. In fact, some might argue that it’s not exactly a development– the writers straight up ruined her savior and just ruler image. Imagine Jesus suddenly becoming Hitler in one day, that’s how bad it was.

That’s because Daenerys finally snapped and used her remaining dragon to kill everyone in King’s Landing– unjustifiably so, earning her new and most recent unofficial title: Mad Queen. As a result, thousands of mothers who named their babies after her back when she was still sane might now be regretting their choice for more or less 3,500 babies who were named either “Khaleesi” or “Daenerys.”

Thankfully, Khaleesi is easily rectifiable since it’s a title reserved for Dothraki queens. Daenerys, however… good luck explaining to your child why they shouldn’t be heartbroken once they’re old enough to watch Game of Thrones.

Of course, it’s not just the mothers who are completely dissatisfied with how Daenerys was handled by the showrunners. Season 5, Episode 8, titled “The Bells,” is now the official record holder for the lowest rating ever for an episode in Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, those who named their baby girls “Arya” remain the best.

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