Wife Breaks Up With Cheating Husband After He Slept With… Her Mom

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Infidelity is always a problem in relationships and marriages and can often lead to separations. Of course, being cheated on can be devastating enough for one or even both parties. So, what more if the person who cheated on you did it with your mom? That’s what one cheating husband did to her wife, and it led to an ugly break up.

The domestic dispute happened in Australia to a poor and unfortunate woman named Tanya, 27. During one radio show or podcast called The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Tanya called to spill her heart out to the public regarding what her cheating husband did to her.

Despite the couple having a six-year-old daughter, Tanya’s husband was still emotionally distant. Hence, Tanya confided in her mother about her troubled marriage. As it turns out, she was all alone in her plight; worse still, her mom appeared to be in on it– she actually began suspecting that her mom was having an affair with her husband. So she confronted her.

“It was just recently, about a couple of weeks ago. I confronted her on the phone. She basically got all defensive, blamed everything on him, called me a lot of names. She didn’t confirm it or deny it,” recalled Tanya. It only got worse from there.

“My family confirmed it, I don’t know why they didn’t tell me, but they didn’t. My gut instinct [is that they did sleep with each other]; as soon as I confronted both of them, they blamed each other, they got all defensive, they blamed each other. There were so many red flags, I just couldn’t take it anymore,” cried Tanya out.

So, she left her cheating husband and also probably got alienated from her mother and her family. It is worth noting that this wasn’t the first time Tanya’s husband cheated on her; he actually did it first with Tanya’s best friend but Tanya forgave him for that. So, moral of the story, don’t give cheaters a second chance, they’ll just go for your parents next.

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