Police Ask Criminals To Stop Crime Because ‘It is REALLY cold out’

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Silly cops, do they not know? There’s no rest for the wicked. However, winter is a lot more wicked than the hardiest of criminals and this year’s winter has proven to be a lot chillier. Even “global warming” got invalidated because of the cold weather… For that matter, the cops of Missouri have asked criminals to stop crime, because winter that’s why.


It seems that the Midwest in the US is a lot colder these days than the rest of the country. This compelled police local departments to seek solutions to preserve their health amidst the cold, and asking criminals to stop crime or at least minimize them is just what they needed. Such a plea came directly from Warrensburg Police Department in Missouri via an honest Facebook post:

Good thing is, people, perhaps criminals too, are probably all at home because no one would want to risk having frozen icicle snots as a result of -20 to -30 wind chills. Hence, a lot of them saw the post and it has since gone viral with nearly 8,000 shares and reactions. Though their choice of show to binge on during their winter grounding leaves much to be desired.

Still, despite the lightheartedness and honesty of the post, some people actually think that the police might have inadvertently encouraged criminals to be more brazen and not stop crime. After all, now they know that police are too preoccupied nursing their colds and watching reality TV re-runs. No actual numbers about crime decrease have been reported, other states’ police have the same sentiment.

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