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How Twitter Grew To Dominate 140-Character Posting [Video]

From 2006 though 2009 Twitter acquired their users the best way possible for a tech company, through the prominence of online influencers. Researchers at MIT recently analyzed that acquisition by examining Twitter growth in 408 U.S. cities, what they found was the network spread through “young, tech-savy innovators” and that the location didn’t really play […]

Facebook Moves Into New Menlo Park Headquarters

Facebook on Monday officially moved their full staff into their new Menlo Park campus, the former home of Sun Microsystems. The move comes at a time when Facebook is expected to launch an IPO in the coming months (possibly in April). The new office space provides plenty of room for growth with a 57-acre campus […]

Teens Who Regularly Use Facebook Are More Likely to Do Drugs

Does your kid spend a lot of time on Facebook, Myspace, Google Plus, or other social networking sites? If so, chances are that they’re also drinking and smoking pot. A new study shows that kids who frequently use social networking sites are more prone to indulge in drugs and alcohol. The study, which was conducted […]

NYPD Adding Twitter Tracking Unit to Police Force

Social media can be a dangerous thing. The London riots have shown how Twitter, Facebook, and Blackberry Messenger can be used to organize violent acts. The NYPD is trying to stay ahead of the curve with their new unit which will monitor social networks for suspicious activity. The NYPD has already used Twitter and Facebook […]