Britney Spears: New Album Is Going To Be Most Personal Ever

britney spears

Are you excited for Britney Spears new album? The singer recently revealed that she was “so excited” about her new album which, according to her, will be her “most personal album ever.”

Britney isn’t the only one excited about her new album. Billboard readers recently voted it “the most anticipated musical event” of 2013. Yep, not even Jay-Z’s Samsung media hype extravaganza could top the new Britney album.

There aren’t too many details about Spears’ new album yet but the singer did post a lyric video for her song “Ooh La La.” The new song features lyrics like “Ain’t nobody can get down like us” and “turn it up until the speakers pop.”

That doesn’t sound too personal but hey, “Ooh La La” was made for the movie Smurfs 2. Let’s hope Britney goes a little deeper on her other songs.



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