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Top Tweets Of 2011 [Infographic]

Today is the last day of 2011 and in celebration of what Twitter has accomplished in that short time we have an Infographic that shows the “Top Tweets of 2011. Created by the fine folks at Future Simple the infographic shows some of the best marketed, most touched and most shared Tweets sent out by […]

Twitter Lawsuit Places Value Of Followers At $2.50 Per Month

In a strange lawsuit filed by phone review and news website PhoneDog.com the company claims former head writer Noah Kravitz owes them $340,000 after Noah left the company and took its Twitter followers with him. According to PhoneDog Kravitz was running the company’s Twitter account when he departed from the company and changed the Twitter […]

How Twitter Grew To Dominate 140-Character Posting [Video]

From 2006 though 2009 Twitter acquired their users the best way possible for a tech company, through the prominence of online influencers. Researchers at MIT recently analyzed that acquisition by examining Twitter growth in 408 U.S. cities, what they found was the network spread through “young, tech-savy innovators” and that the location didn’t really play […]