No One Wanted These Cute Little Puppies And They Were Left To Die, But A Miracle Happened

Photo by Facebook/The Labelle Foundation

We think of dogs and puppies as some of the happiest creatures on the planet. However, a lot of them had to go through atrocious ordeals from the moment they were born. This is the particular case if they were from puppy mills, which breed dogs in spades and often in cruel or uncomfortable conditions.

Two puppies were the result of poor breeding luck and one was discarded by the dog breeders. One was a bulldog named Barnabus Rex had a cleft palate, while the other was named Ellery Max and had an extra leg. One can only imagine how and why they incurred such birth defects, but the first one’s breeder did not want him and left him to die.

Thankfully, some good samaritans who call themselves the Labelle Foundation stepped in to rescue them both. Barnabus was cared for immensely and had to be tube-fed because of his cleft palate. However, the key to their survival was due to a kitten named Broccoli, especially for Barnabus.

Broccoli was crucial to Barnabus’ growth especially with his birth defect because newborn puppies need stimulation. Often, they get these from their mothers or siblings, but in Barnabus’ case, he had none. So Broccoli, despite being just a kitten acted as a family for Barnabus. You would think cats and dogs are enemies forever, but Barnabus and Broccoli often prove to exceed people’s expectations.

Now, Barnabus has grown up quite a bit and is acting like a healthy pup. Ellery is also looking healthy and is actually bigger than Barnabus.

A word of advice to people who are looking for dogs, supporting the puppy mill industry could lead to more cases like Barnabus and Ellery. So it may be better to adopt than shop since lots of dogs are looking for owners and forever homes, like Barnabus and Ellery.

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