Dog Pushes His Handicapped Owner’s Wheelchair Wherever They Go, Prepare Your Kleenex

Photo by Zeal

There are plenty of good boys out there but there are never candidates for the best boy ever. Now we may actually have one and the dog is from the Philippines in a place there called Tagum City, Davao del Norte. A Facebook video from that area suddenly became a viral sensation after a peculiar scene on the road was spotted.

Photo by knowyourmeme

In the said video, a mixed-breed dog was seen pushing the wheelchair of a paraplegic man towards their supposed destination. Watch the heartwarming video below.

Straight out of the movies that one, someone call Hollywood, we got the spiritual sequel to “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.” The man with the wheelchair is named Danilo Alarcon and his loyal helper and companion he named Digong, after the current Philippine president. Danilo has had Digong ever since the latter was just a puppy. Their bond goes back months ago, seven to be exact, which is Digong’s age.

The thing is, Danilo did not even expect that Digong would help him in that incident. Danilo was just having a rest when Digong surprised him by getting off his lap and helping him push the wheelchair. It’s like the dog can sense what his owner is feeling, what did we ever do to deserve such loyal creatures.

As for Danilo, he got paralyzed and couldn’t walk or stand anymore because of a motorcycle accident. Danilo treats Digong now like a son because he is with him wherever he goes. The man would like everyone to know that even dogs have deep emotions. Digong is certainly no exception to this.

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