‘This Is America’ Parody ‘This Is Iraq’ Hints The Grim Truths Happening In The Country

Photo by YouTube/Official I-NZ

The 4th of July must have been a really busy and popular holiday for people to have missed a certain parody. You see, that was also the date when YouTuber Official I-NZ released ‘This is Iraq’ which is the parody of a popular political music ‘This is America’ from Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino.

The parody has since blown up in popularity with as much as 655,000 views and counting. Despite being a parody though, it does hint a lot more than comedy, check it out.

It does not stray too far from its original material, ‘This is America,’ which is also supposed to be Glover’s political statement towards the country and its citizens. ‘This is Iraq’ has some details which are happening to the country right now. Most notable is the war and the wanton violence towards its innocent citizens.

Official I-NZ, the author and uploader of the parody also pointed out a sinister open secret in the music video. The United States was responsible for the terrorists in the country, most likely the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). At least, that is what was implied when the American soldiers in the video shook hands with the militants in black.

The fuelled terrorism, along with the rape and torture of Iraqis by American troops was apparently spot on. This bold move from ‘This is Iraq’ makes the parody too relevant, perhaps even more so than ‘This is America.’ The truth is indeed ugly, but more politically relevant music videos and their parodies are certainly welcome. What do you think of ‘This is Iraq?’ Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

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