‘Night King’ Jailed By Norwegian Police For Destroying Walls Among Other Crimes

Photo by FB/Politiet i Trondheim

It was only a matter of time before the White Walkers got through and laid waste to everyone in Westeros. However, it seems one of them skipped George R.R. Martin’s patented fantasy universe and made a beeline straight for our world– the Night King nonetheless! He was actually caught breaking down walls and other property in Norway, all by himself.

Back on Sunday, the Norwegian police caught the unlikeliest criminal. It was the notorious Night King from Game of Thrones, or at least that’s what the perpetrator was dressed like. The “Night King” was apparently causing mayhem destroying other people’s properties and even committing animal cruelty, just like its fantasy counterpart. The Norwegian Police even posted the photo of him on Facebook:

“The police have received many complaints about a man from the northern region involved in criminal activity. Complaints include animal cruelty and property damage (there have been reports of a wall being destroyed), as well as threats to lay vast areas of land desolate. Our night watch has now apprehended the man to deter any further criminal activity on his behalf,” according to the police.

Their post has since gone viral with nearly 40,000 likes and more than 4,000 shares. However, the name of the “Night King” was never disclosed and neither were details regarding his trial revealed by the police. According to Markus Ree, superintendent of Trondheim Police’s fifth division, it was just a stunt by their department.

“Funny posts like this one help engage social media user. That’s useful when we later ask for help solving crimes or searching for missing persons,” Ree told Newsweek. Additionally, Ree revealed that the incarcerated “Night King” was just a young police officer they “handpicked for the job.” Put your Valyrian steel away folks, winter isn’t coming.

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