Kate Middleton vs Meghan Markle: The Battle of Britain’s Style Duchesses

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on official visit to Stockholm in Sweden in January 2018. On a walk in the Old Town of Stockholm together with Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, they meet swedes and tourists.

Ever since a couple of commoners married into the British royal family, people can’t seem to get enough of Kate and Meghan. The two duchesses are always head to head both in their personal relationships with the queen and whose style reigns supreme with the press.

According to royal insiders, the style battle between the two duchesses suddenly reached greater heights when Meghan Markle announced to her style team that she wants to consciously create her own style that is separate from Kate’s.

While rumors of Kate and her fashion team being annoyed by Meghan’s copycat style continue to circulate, the truth is, there is no bad blood between the two. In fact, Kate has been instrumental in teaching Meghan the ways of the royals and is constantly giving her advice about designers.

But of course, life doesn’t always end happily ever after. In every rivalry, there is bound to be only one who will come out victorious. In the style battle between Kate Middleton vs Meghan Markle, how exactly does the Duchess of Sussex measure up to the Duchess of Cambridge?

But just to get this out of the way, everybody’s probably interested in their dogs.

Meghan and Kate do have pet dogs. However, they aren’t your popular types of dogs like the French bulldog or a Golden Retriever, for instance.

The former has a black lab named Oz and the latter has English Cocker Spaniel named Lupo owned by Prince William.

While that has nothing to do with style and fashion, it’s just fun to get

Now, onto the

Red carpet looks

When it comes to dressing for movie premieres, Meghan wins this round hands down. With plenty of experience walking down the red carpet, Meghan can make even the simplest little black dress look good. Kate prefers to take a more elegant approach with her full-length sheer gowns, lace optional.

Charity work ensembles

Both duchesses like to use their influence to draw attention to their chosen causes, but with Kate working the scene a bit longer than Meghan, she definitely knows how to dress for the occasion. Kate favors longer classic dresses in simple prints or plain colors while Meghan likes to take risks with bold hues and her vegan leather trousers.

Casual daytime outfits

Who says the Royals don’t know how to let loose? Both Kate and Meghan have been spotted wearing jeans while watching sports matches with their respective princes. Kate styles her jeans with a classic sleeveless top to show off her toned shoulders while Meghan looks chic in her oversized white button downs.

Official events attire

Press Eye – Belfast – Northern Ireland – 27th February 2019 – The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge visit The Empire Music Hall, Belfast. Their Royal Highnesses met Dame Mary Peters who recently was appointed to the Order of the Garter by the Queen. Photo by Matt Mackey / Press Eye

Fascinators aside, people can’t help but notice the clear distinction in the 2 duchesses’ style when they appear at official royal events. Kate tends to go for more classic A-line dresses and subtle colors while Meghan is willing to make bolder choices with her all-black ensemble and boat neckline.

Their engagement announcements

Both Kate and Meghan looked stunning in their engagement announcement interviews. Kate opted for a royal blue long-sleeved dress that reminded people of Princess Di while Meghan wore a simple yet elegant dark green sleeveless dress.

Their wedding dresses

Kate and Meghan wowed the world with their wedding dresses even though their choices were different as night and day. Kate wore an Alexander McQueen structured dress with lace sleeves that made her look like every inch a fairytale princess. Meghan, on the other hand, chose a Givenchy long-sleeved gown with a boat-neck neckline that was the perfect picture of modern elegance.

Their love for hats

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle going to church at Sandringham on Christmas Day 2017. (Source)

British society dictates that royals style up your outfits with hats, and over the past couple of years we’ve seen Kate and Meghan wear everything from the traditional winter fur hat to the stylish spring fascinator. Kate tends to favor classic pieces while Meghan likes to mix the old and the new with trendy hats. Cop the royal style online from online retailers like JJ’s House.

Their choice of jewelry

Say what you want about Kate’s and Meghan’s style choices, but when it comes to jewelry, this is the aspect where they can both truly shine. With access to one of the most enviable jewelry collections in the world, both Kate and Meghan dazzle Royal naysayers wherever they go. Kate likes her jewelry pieces more traditional and refined while Meghan chooses the more youthful and trendy pieces to wear on Royal occasions. 

Even though the princesses will, from this point on, be pitted against each other, there is no sign of animosity between them. Most of the noise just comes from royal fans who associate themselves as either Team Kate or Team Meghan. 

As proof that everything’s A-OK at the wardrobe department in the palace, the sisters-in-law have made some outfit choices in the past that has pretty much made them look like twins. Both have the same shade of yellow dresses that make them look like daffodils in springtime hanging in their closets.

Let’s just let the two duchesses make their own style decisions because the fact that they both married into royalty from the humble beginnings is already a win for us common people.

Featured image: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on official visit to Stockholm in Sweden in January 2018. On a walk in the Old Town of Stockholm together with Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, they meet swedes and tourists. (Source)


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