You Can Buy Motorized Pool Floats Now, So Get Ready For Summer


The Splash Runner Motorized Inflatable Swimming Pool Lounger costs $199.99 and permits you to ‘cruise effortlessly’ in the water utilizing a joystick.

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The float, powered by dual 66-watt motors, allows you to unwind in the water and is equipped with a cup holder even for your bottle of suds. Imagine your pals’ faces when you cruise this around on you guys’ next vacay! Accordant to the official site, the lounger will ‘revolutionize the way you relax (and play!) at the pool’. If you’re into specifics, then let us inform you that thanks to the dual motors the Splash Runner offers 360-degree movement and can hold up to 136kg (300lbs).

Deemed ‘the most feature-rich pool lounger ever made,’ the float will effortlessly move you through the water. Our only inquiry is: what took them so long to make it! Because floating around all afternoon in the pool is cool and all, but what if desire to move out of the sun into the shade or vice versa? What if you want to get another refill on your beverage? What if you’d like to just lay back and chill, yet at the same time cruise the pool? We feel the inventors had all of these things in mind when they spawned the Splash Runner – and we thank the high heavens for them!

Summer is nearly here, we assure you. We’ve got the lighter evenings and it’s a matter of time only before the mercury climbs and the grills get turned on. So, with all of that said – go order yourself a Splash Runner today.


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