Mysterious ATM Suddenly Appears In The Woods In Maine

mysterious ATM
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No matter how far science has gone, humans will always come across something that cannot be explained. Be it some Irish UFOs, inexplicable space debris, or a racist businessman becoming a president, our world has mysteries in spades. However, none of those weird things could prepare us for something out-of-this-world– a mysterious ATM (automated teller machine) in the middle of the woods.


Around seven in the morning in North Deer Isle, Maine, a woman went out for her usual morning walk in the snowy woods on November 20. However, nothing was usual during that morning, because she came across an ATM unit in the woods. The woman simply could not take chances, because it could have been stolen, so she reported the sighting to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office.


The police were equally baffled at the thing. They also assumed that it must not have been stolen because it was empty and did not show any signs of forceful damage– too bad for some lumberjacks or hunters who are in need of a quick buck. So what was it? An art exhibit demonstrating the dichotomy of urban entities in a rural environment? Or was it aliens wanting to prank human beings?


Oh, it was a prank all right, just not from aliens, sadly. The police soon learned that it was from a woman who placed it there for giggles. Her name was never revealed by the police but they stated that she called them and that she found the ATM in a pile of trash. Needless to say, the police were not amused and wanted to the owner to dispose of the ATM unit properly.

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