Japan Introduces Hands-Free Umbrella To The World, But It Looks Like Something Else…

hands-free umbrella
Photo by SoraNews/Dospora

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been plagued with the relentless torrent of heaven spit we know today as rain. While it does make for some dramatic or romantic moments, more often than not, it results in a cold. Hence, umbrellas, but they can be annoying because we need to use ’em smartphones while walking. The Japanese have an answer to that in the form of the Hands-Free Umbrella.


One Japanese company named Dospara is way ahead in terms of innovation. The said company is the one responsible for this:

They call it, Teburagasa, which pretty much means hands-free umbrella and that’s what it does. You basically wear it on your head and no longer have to worry about having your hands tied to the handle of an umbrella. Of course, this frees up your hand for say, Pokemon Go while carrying your favorite latte because we are millennials and we-must-get-distracted.


However, to point out the obvious, the hands-free umbrella is pretty much a condom for human heads, or at least, that is what it appears to look like. For 500 yen or roughly $4.40, you can look like a walking condom ad. That, or you could look like someone who wanted to wear a morph suit but quit a quarter of the way through:


Sadly, the hands-free umbrella seems to be an impractical tool against rain that goes sideways.

Nor is it useful against sunlight or preserving your hairstyle, making it yet again, another bizarre Japanese invention. So stick to umbrellas for now, kids because the next best alternative requires a drone.

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