Japanese Guy Uses Wiener To Outsmart Greedy Video Game Loot Box

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There certainly are plenty of uses for wieners other than food or doing hotdog pranks. We’re talking about the food wiener, not the “other” less wholesome wiener. So if you came for the latter, then I’m sorry to disappoint. Just kidding, I’m not sorry. Anyway, some Japanese guy invented a way to outsmart a game’s loot box mechanic using nothing but his wiener. He definitely thinks big.

If you are an avid part of the gaming community, you probably have heard of or have come across loot boxes. These are the worst manifestations of capitalism on video games where gamers pay to gamble for level or progress boosts. One mobile game in Japan called Fate/Grand Order (FGO) had a loot box mechanic that was notorious for not letting players open multiple boxes at the same time, making it tedious. Still, people love it:

So, one Japanese gamer hatched a brilliant idea to open FGO’s tedious loot box mechanic automatically. He taped his wiener to two small cartons of tomato juice, hanging over an electric whisker running at a brisk speed. This made his wiener bounce up and down, simulating the movement of a finger (okay, stay with me here) that is opening a loot box. This speeds up the loot box opening process hands-free:

The best part about it is that it does not cost too much to make and can and will help you with tedious loot box mechanics. This was not the first time people tried to cheat loot boxes, however. By the way, his wiener seems fine but his phone probably wet with wiener juice right now.

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