Large Mysterious Object Washes Up On South Carolina Beach, Inspiring ‘Its Aliens!’ Theories

mysterious object
Photo by DeviantArt/HiFrankenstein

The last time someone tried to come up with an explanation to one of nature’s uncanniest phenomena, religions were invented. Well, probably, but the usual impulse of human beings is to assume that something bigger and more divine is always responsible. It is the more appealing reaction than fearing the thing, like what happened when a mysterious object washes up on a beach in South Carolina.

The said object was large, cylindrical, and appeared to be made out of plastic and foam. It was about six feet in diameter, more than 5 feet tall, and weighs 200 pounds. We’re not saying it’s aliens, but it’s aliens, man. Kidding, but it was easy to assume it was aliens because the thing was tapered toward the top, making it resemble some kind of space device, and a lot of theorists did just that. Here it is:

mysterious object
Photo by Strange Sounds

So what was it? Bits and pieces of the ISS? Elon Musk’s little space project? Or some form of an alien mattress? No one knows for sure, but Lauren Rust, the executive director of the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network posits that it could not have been in the water that long. Meaning it was not a leftover debris from previous space missions. No one was also laying claim to it.

Even the Coast Guard says that they do not recognize the device as part of any existing maritime vessel. This led a lot of people to assume that it was from aliens, or worse, bits and pieces of the Death Star… probably aimed at us humans because we took too many selfies. All jokes aside, the thing was not radioactive or poisonous, so Rust and her team loaded it onto a truck and took it somewhere for further research. So begins the death of the human race due to Xenomorphs which entered through a South Carolina beach.

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