Perfect Rectangular Iceberg Baffles Internet, Photoshop Or Aliens? NASA Explains

rectangular iceberg
Photo by Twitter/NASA ICE

Icebergs are pretty sculptures of nature and are without a doubt, beautiful masterpieces. Icebergs are also responsible for the most popular maritime disaster ever after one decided to say “hi” to ship likened to a titan and gave birth to a billion-dollar Hollywood movie. Once again, icebergs are… making waves (heh) after a rectangular iceberg was discovered adrift in the Antarctic– an odd shape for one. Here it is:

Scientists estimate the thing to be at least a mile long and forming a near-perfect rectangle. It was aliens, man, only they could have done it. Just kidding, but that was what a lot of people guessed and assumed. Other assumptions say it was photoshopped (pfft, haters). However, the truth was a lot less interesting according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, they dispelled all assumptions, the killjoys.

Apparently, the rectangular iceberg was a normal product of nature. In fact, there are actually two types of icebergs according to NASA, one is shaped like a prism (like the one which sank Titanic), and others are pretty much large plates of ice or tabular icebergs which break off and float adrift. So no, the rectangular iceberg was not due to Godzilla defrosting his refrigerator, sadly.

rectangular iceberg

Despite its interesting shape, the rectangular iceberg and other geometrically-shaped icebergs were apparently common. There was even a triangular iceberg spotted. Still, the said iceberg is still unusual due to its shape, as most of the time, they do not break off perfectly. It could also be that NASA is covering up something big, right flat-Earthers?

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