[VIDEO] Mom Goes Berserk After Service Dog Owner Says ‘No’ To Her Petting Request

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The weird thing about dogs and other pets is that they tend to bring out either the best or the worst in all of us, both in extremes. Some people simply have issues, too many of them too, even if they do not own pets. One mother from the US in particular, actually fumed in public after the owner of a service dog refused her request to pet the animal.


The incident took place back on December 19. A golden retriever service dog owner Megan Stoff was hanging out in a mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania along with a co-worker. Apparently, she was also training her service dog and the good boy was even wearing a vest which says “do not pet” as a mandatory sign for dogs in training.


Everything was going along fine until a blonde woman with her kid in tow approached Stoff and her service dog. The mother approached Stoff asking whether her daughter could pet the service dog. Stoff’s co-worker replied with a resolute “no” and this seemingly “offended” the mother. Take a look at the video:

It seems the mother actually walked away after her request was rejected but came back raging at Stoff and her co-worker. The mother even complained that there should be a sign to not pet the dog, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the service dog was indeed wearing the said sign on its vest.


“They don’t know they’re not supposed to talk to them and distract them. They think they can go, hi puppy, hi doggy, and get in their face, and that can also distract them even though we’ve trained them to hopefully ignore that,” explained Stoff. Meanwhile, the mother said that she was actually offended because she was told to “F*ck off” by Stoff’s co-worker, not by the rejection.

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