Loyal Dog Waits Weeks Outside Hospital In Freezing Cold For Her Owner’s Recovery

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A few things in this Earth are more valuable than the loyalty of living things. More so if you have earned the loyalty of a dog. Those guys will no doubt die for you and follow you to the pits of hell itself if need be. One loyal dog was even branded as the Russian Hachiko after she spent weeks waiting in the freezing cold outside a hospital for her master’s recovery.


Cherry’s loyalty is certainly valuable, priceless even, perhaps more so than any other loyal dog. You see, Cherry’s owner Dmitry Bubnov got sick and had to be confined at a hospital for his recovery. Cherry simply could not bear the thought of separation and knows that Dmitry needed all the support he can get to recover, so she stayed with him no matter what.

Since dogs are not allowed inside the hospital, Cherry had to make do with the freezing cold outside the hospital grounds in the city of Voronezh. That isn’t to say that someone tried to take Cherry home. In fact, Dmitry’s wife, Svetlana actually did. Still, Cherry would just escape and come back to the hospital. She considered supporting her “dad” more important than staying safe from the cold:

Hence, Dmitry comes out of his hospital room from time to time to check on Cherry with hugs and kisses, as well as to feed her with cutlets and pies. This took several weeks, and thankfully, Dmitry will soon be discharged from the hospital. Needless to say, Cherry’s loyal dog trait drew comparisons with Hachiko, the Japanese dog who waited in one spot until death for his deceased owner to return.


Cherry will soon be reunited permanently with Dmitry.

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