Internet Debates Whether Sesame Street Grover Dropped F-Bomb On National TV

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The internet really does have a way of ruining our childhoods. It can be anything, really, from Disney movie hidden penises (instead of Mickeys), to the more traumatizing Rule 34 (don’t ask, move along). Now we have another childhood wrecker in the form of a Sesame Street clip where Grover can apparently be heard dropping the F-bomb.


We all know Grover, right millennials? That cute and lovable blue… thing from Sesame Street who rarely speaks in contractions. He certainly is one heck of a unique character like all members of the muppets-verse. Then, Reddit happened and someone unearthed this from one of the Sesame Street episodes:

You can clearly hear Grover saying “Yes, yes, that’s a f***ing excellent idea.” Now, the problem is, Reddit, which might as well be the whole internet right now, is torn whether the blue muppet said “fricking” or the word you came here for. Hence, a great debate among Sesame Street fans ensues and there is still no resolution in sight.


“I couldn’t hear the non-swearing version until I was looking at the sentence in the title, and now I can’t hear the swearing until I read THAT as I’m listening! Stupid confused brain…bah!” said one of the Redditors. Then there are also others who kept hearing the clean and the F-bomb version of Grover’s slurred happiness.


Of course, the debate blew up, this is Grover we’re talking about, after all. Apparently, even several news sites have reached out to Sesame Street Workshop to clear things up once and for all… so far they have not replied yet. But hey, it’s possible that Grover is just having some bad days and showed up on Sesame Street under the influence. Anyway, A! A! A! A! One F-bomb! A! A! A! A! Million childhoods ruined!


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