Doggy Daycare Pups Are Killing It With Their Own Nativity Scene Recreation

doggy daycare
Photo by Facebook/Springvale Canine Creche Ltd

Well, it seems dogs owners are taking domestication to a whole new level now. Dogs are now being indoctrinated into Christianity by making them recreate the famous Nativity scene where Jesus was born and everyone who’s anyone went to visit. Even doggy daycare pups are doing it, glory to the new-“bork” king indeed!


Of course, you wouldn’t want your pups being left out this Christmas season, right? Even if they are staying at a doggy daycare. That is actually all the more reason for them to do it. One of the most notable recreations ever came from the Springvale Canine Creche located in the UK. Check out their “dog the father, dog the son, dog the spirit” scene:

“With it being Christmas we decided to create our very own Nativity. The dogs all enjoy working for treats, so we get them to sit or stand and stay,” so says Donna Whincup, owner of Springvale Canine Creche. Seriously, though, they ought to give extra doggo treats to the dog who pretended to be a donkey.


Meanwhile, another doggy daycare, or rather, groomers, did not back down from the same challenge. Groomers, Joanna and Toby Kingston, owners of the grooming salon Wags to Riches, held their own Nativity scene which they failed to title, “blessed are the pups, for they will inherit the treats.”

doggy daycare
Photo by Mercury Press

“The main struggle was trying to keep the dogs’ attention and not have them distracting each other, so I only had about 30 minutes to do this. I had to use a lot of ham and cheese as rewards and to keep them occupied – but I think they look like great models,” explained Joanna. Well, that’s uh, one way to make your pooches qualify for the Kingdom of Dog, or at the very least, Pupgatory.

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