Man Impregnates Twin Sisters & Brags His ‘Throuple’ Relationship With Them

Photo by Keonyae Banks

Odd relationships are getting more and more common these days both due to the internet and because society is more accepting these days. Still, some things remain taboo to people, such as polyamorous relationships. One man from the US even shared such a relationship with twin sisters and even bragged his impregnating both of them.

Keonyae Banks from Compton, California considers himself a lucky man. He recently took to Instagram and Facebook to share his “accomplishment” to the world– that is, successfully impregnating twin sisters who are also both in a relationship with him. Here’s the post showing the belly of the twin sisters already quite big:

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Fuck the fame u see a niggah happy ????????

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He also shared it on Facebook:

Apparently, Banks got only one of the twin sisters got pregnant initially with the other getting pregnant a month later. What’s more, Banks claims that both women were “cool” with what he did and that his life in a relationship with both of them is just a regular day.

As for the twin sisters? Their names were discovered to be Nia and Nydia. Moreover, both also appear to be roommates who met Banks in a gym where he works as a personal trainer. He started dating one while slowly talking to the other. It was not clear whether the twin sisters were priorly aware or simply accepted the incidents as they went by.

Regardless, Banks claimed that both women were ready to advance into the next stage of their relationship with him, meaning they are alright with co-parenting and sharing the same father for their children. America, you know what to do, time for a new breed of reality TV; also, paging Dr. Phil.

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