Unique Gay Couple Does Gender Swap Relationship; Gay Man Falls In Love With Lesbian

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Whoever says there is no happily ever after for a gay couple must have been living in the ’50s. Perhaps, they have also never been to the Philippines, a small mystical archipelago full of oriental wonders and magical arts– just kidding. Though, there is always something bizarre going on in here.

Take for example LGBT couple Junrell and Amor, both are the subject of a viral spotlight right now in social media. They are unlike any other couple because you see…

Junrell is a gay man.

While Amor is a lesbian.

There they are below, the video is in the Filipino language though, but the description can be easily translated courtesy of Google.

The two met on social media and yes, they did have quite an awkward first date. They were together for quite a while, it was Amor, the lesbian who courted Junrell, the gay man.

Their relationship eventually ended on bad terms because of jealousy, and they had to part. They did so for about four months until Amor came back to Junrell with a five-month-pregnancy. It was indeed Junrell’s baby since they were still together when Amor got pregnant, and then there is also the fact that the baby had a semblance to Junrell.

Now, I know what you are thinking, why did they not just revert back to their biological genders? Well, they did choose to be homosexual, and the fact they did not revert back means that they are happy with who they are.

You know what else they are happy with? Each other, they are parents now, and they are a happy family. Junrell did not run away from his responsibility and choose to raise the kid. This goes to show that LGBT couples can also be good parents.

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