Luckiest Indonesian Man Ever Marries Beautiful Blonde English Woman

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Love comes in many different forms. Often we see a lot of very unique couples because love knows no skin color, or at least it shouldn’t. Hence, interracial couples and marriages are celebrated because they persevered despite the big cultural gap. One interracial marriage takes the cake because it involves one very lucky Indonesian man and his English wife.

26-year-old Karna Radheya from Indonesia and his wife, 21-year-old Polly Alexandria Robinson took the world by storm when they got married. The two are making headlines because of their very unique pairing. Radheya, the Indonesian man, is also a Muslim, and that meant that the stunningly beautiful Robinson also had to convert to Islam for their marriage:

The two met in Bali, Indonesia in August 2017. Radheya was working as a surfing instructor when he met Robinson and the two instantly got along. This resulted in multiple other meetings. Eventually, they fell in love and became a couple. Robinson had to go back to England, UK, but this did not hinder their relationship.

Robinson did come back to Indonesia and even converted to Islam six months ahead of their planned wedding in Radheya’s hometown. Both even had the blessing of their parents and there were no objections to the two’s union. So, they got married on December 16.

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“Where there is a love, there is a life” Every single human that is alive has their own problem, but believe that there is always solution for that. Remember to keep thankful for every single thing that happens around you. Like I do , like you do , like we do , like all people do. We only have one life so let me say.. Terimakasih maturnuwun kepada tuhan yang Naha esa yang telah memberikan #hidup, kepada guru guru yang telah memberikan #ilmu , kepada orang terdekat, terlebih kepada bapak ibu yang telah memberikan restu kepada kami Dan kepada Sanak saudara beserta teman atas doa doa nya???????? Semoga kami Dan kalian di berikan kekuatan untuk menghadapi apa yang Akan terjadi. #lukukitchen #gaten #karnaradheya #seminyak #bali #parents #leeds #soja #luciddream #lambeturah Om namo narayanaya???? Rahayu rahayu rahayu ???? Matur nuwun Nur &polly????????

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“My only intention is to make our relationship halal. But since our story has already gone viral, I hope it will be an inspirational tale for netizens,” said a puzzled Radheya since he was not sure why their relationship went viral.

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Nothing compares ????

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Needless to say, Radheya was thankful and felt like the luckiest man alive, “This is fate. I never asked for a foreign wife but God has decided that Polly should be my wife and I am truly thankful for this.”

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