Man Accidentally Swallows Apple AirPod, Poops It Out, & It’s Still Works!

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Apple products are known to be overpriced pieces of aluminum that do about the same functions and work as regular computers. Their prices are probably just branding at this point. Some Apple products, however, are arguably more durable than others, like the Apple AirPod. One man even accidentally swallowed one but found out it’s still working… after pooping it out.

A Taiwanese man known only as Mr. Hsu from the local media was one of the happy buyers of an Apple AirPod pair. The general consensus is that they are too expensive as earphones. Which was probably why Hsu sort of panicked when he woke up one day with a missing Apple AirPod. He recalls leaving them in his ear while sleeping, but couldn’t find it.

Thankfully, there was a way to track a missing Apple AirPod with a map and GPS. Hsu used this method but was surprised that it showed up at his house. Heck, it was even producing a beeping sound and seems to follow him around. After a deep thought, Hsu realized that the Apple AirPod was in his stomach; he swallowed it while sleeping:

Photo by Asia Wire

So, Hsu, with the help of doctors and some laxatives, waited for the Apple AirPod to pass and it did. After taking a weird dump, Hsu rummaged through the feces and found the AirPod (warning: yuck!):

Photo by Asia Wire

To his surprise, it was still intact and was working flawlessly. After cleaning it up, Hsu left it to dry and gave it a quick charge. As an added bonus, he was delighted that the troublesome AirPod still had energy left at 41 percent. Hopefully, other people who buy the Apple AirPod didn’t have to swallow and poop it out just to know they got their money’s worth.

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