LEGO Builds Bugatti Chiron Supercar Out Of LEGO Parts And It Works!

Photo by YouTube/LEGO

Most of us would probably be never able to afford a top sports car in our lifetimes, several even. Those things can only be bought by drug lords, politicians, or people in the entertainment industry. However, you can now rejoice in the fact that you can probably build your own sports car, more specifically, a Bugatti Chiron.

At least, that is what LEGO did with their plastic LEGO parts. They built a working Bugatti Chiron out of toys. As proof that it was actually working, they had it driven by a professional race car driver who tested the first ever Bugatti Chiron. How well does it perform you ask? Not good, sorry for getting your hopes up. But hey, take a quick look at how LEGO did it here:

They actually used LEGO Technic, which people can use to build a replica of anything. A working car, however, is a lot more difficult to pull off. As you saw on the video, plastic does not handle vibration well, meaning the LEGO Bugatti can only drive at a certain low speed, otherwise the engine vibration would shake off all the LEGO parts.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that the prolonged heat would also probably melt the LEGO. Plastic, after all, is not a conductor. Anyway, your hope for a Bugatti using LEGO parts is still far-fetched, it’s not viable for everyday use, no matter how dramatic LEGO can get with its features. Nevertheless, that was one hell of an advertisement both for Bugatti and LEGO. By the way, the pedals are made out of LEGO too, and it is definitely not safe to step on LEGO, so 0/10 for this car safety, utterly dangerous car.

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