New Nail Art: Live Ants In Fingernails, Courtesy Of Russia

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Ever heard of the expression, ants in your pants? Well, some people took that phrase literally and put ants not in their pants, but in their fingernails. Live, moving, ants. That is what’s happening now in a nail salon in Russia, where living ants are being used as cosmetic adornments in manicures, such are the times we live in right now.

Yes or no?

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A popular nail art salon in Russia named Nail Sunny was apparently the pioneer of such a budding trend. The nail… “technician” actually uses fake acrylic nails as extensions where the live ants will be placed. The fake nail extensions are placed on the underside of the customer’s already long fingernails and live ants are placed on them. Here’s a video of the trend in action:

You could say that they… nailed it with the novelty. The nail art is quickly becoming notoriously popular in social media right now. By the way, the nail artists who do them claim that no animals were harmed during the procedure. That leaves one wondering what they would do to the ants after the nail art has worn off or breaks. The average survival time for ants without food or water is around three days according to experiments on this forum.

Some people were, of course, offended by the nail art. One even claimed that this was neither art nor fashion but cruelty. The ants were essentially trapped inside fingernails for mere fashion. After a substantial amount of backlash, however, the nail artist posted a video of them putting the ants back after the procedure, you can see it above.

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